Health department should test more

To the editor

Bennigan’s was temporarily closed on June 18 because of a positive COVID-19 test. The other employees were basically told to self-quarantine and would only be tested if they showed symptoms. I would like to know how this is the most responsible action from the Jefferson County Health Department. Most restaurant workers are younger and healthy and therefore are the perfect type of individual to be positive but asymptomatic.

Therefore, if this entire staff is told to only self-quarantine, some could most definitely be positive. This is a close work environment and since the employee wasn’t tested until after the symptoms appeared, several of these workers were indeed exposed to this individual. Without testing, these individuals could feel fine and after four or five days decide to take grandma to lunch. A week later grandma could end up in the hospital.

I’m not suggesting everyone in the city be tested, but these individuals came in close contact with a positive individual in a close work environment. If just one of the workers are positive but asymptomatic, this could become a nightmare. I’m just thinking the health department should test these individuals before anyone decides to ask grandma to lunch.

Heather Ensminger



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