Slogan disregards character, morality

To the editor:

The progressive left urges all to shun the divine light of the Gospel of the lord of life in order to procure political power to the proponents of spiritual darkness This movement boldly advocates “the most perverse slavery there could be” (Suzanne Noffke: “Catherine of Siena,” Dialogue 100), where an innocent human being can be put to death by the disordered whim of another. Those who enthusiastically support these genocidal extremists, defying the commandments of God, stand proudly, feet firmly planted in quicksand.

The idiotic slogan “vote blue no matter who” is no less than the attempted deification of the party, disregarding the character and morality of the candidate in favor of a profane political affiliation. Every candidate supported by the progressive left exhibits extreme contempt for the God-given value and dignity of life by their dedication to the unmitigated evil of killing the innocent — the aged, infirm and preborn.

This coven’s chosen presidential candidate is one who professes “firm belief in the Catholic church’s doctrine” of the sacredness and inviolability of life. Yet the evidence that those “firm” beliefs became extremely fluid when examining his decades-long voting record supporting abortion and euthanasia prove this claim counterfeit, “a person neither faithful nor Catholic but a renegade denying his faith (Noffke; ibid; Letter T313.) The commandment not to murder is immutable and “the Golden Rule is not negotiable” (Al Kesta; “Dangers to the Faith.“) The nonexistent “right” to kill the innocent is an abominable fantasy.

The Democratic National Committee advises the approximately 30 percent of pro-life Democrats to “remain and vote for us” so that they can then use government force to trample one’s deeply held religious beliefs. Well-formed consciences must therefore be quelled for the welfare of the party rather than the population. Support of such an ideology will result in a militant atheism, where one’s recognition is not as a citizen but as an abject subject for whom freedom of religion is a forlorn hope.

These pro-choice progressives need to realize earthly decisions are prepayment for the room in which one will spend eternity. Stand up to inherent evil and protect the helpless, “our choices are stepping stones to paradise or anchors lodge in hell” (Janice T. Connell; “Meeting with Mary.”)

Ed Bednar



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