Protect animals from abuse

To the editor:

It seems like this coronavirus has brought out a lot of people to adopt pets.

On account of the stay-at-home order, there has been a high rate of pet adoption. People want to have a pet around for companionship and to help them fight loneliness. It is really nice of the people to adopt the animals from shelters. If that didn’t happen, many of them might be euthanized for overcrowding.

You would be surprised that these animals are good company for everyone.

There is one thing that everyone should know: There are a lot of sick people out there who abuse animals. People should watch for these abusers and turn them in to the authorities when they hear or see about the abusers.

These abusers should be turned in, because they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Save the animals and adopt — they are good for children and everyone — first, treat them like family.

Ron Fullerton



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