Disturbed by cemetery condition

To the editor:

In preparation for Memorial Day, I went to Mount Calvary Cemetery to place bronze flag holders on the graves of loved ones, assuming the flags were already in place.

To my dismay, I found the section where my loved ones are buried in deplorable condition. To say, I was shocked, saddened and disgusted just begins to express my emotions. The Holy Name section was overgrown, weed infested, not one flag marked a veteran’s grave, and there were two toppled tombstones. We entrust our loved ones’ graves to the staff of Mount Calvary, and the mess I found certainly does not come under perpetual care.

I went and purchased flags for my loved ones as well as a veteran whose flag holder said “Union Soldier.” These men may not have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country but they served our country for which I am eternally grateful.

I realize with COVID-19 this was not a Memorial Day which was going to be celebrated with a service at the cemetery, but the least the cemetery could do is maintain the graves and honor those veterans with a flag.

I did notice the newer sections of the cemetery appeared to be nicely mowed, and flags were placed on the graves. Does that mean the newer sections take precedence over the older sections? The next time I visit Mount Calvary, should I bring my lawn mower and weed eater?

Michelle Tedreau



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