Virus bringing country to its knees

To the editor:

COVID-19 is mind-boggling, very confusing, puzzling and hard to understand.

I would never ask President Trump this question. I know what his answer would be: Go for it.

The question; Who is going to be the first governor to announce it’s OK to gather, shake hands and offer a hug?

Did anyone consider that pumping between 2 and 8 million gallons of or drinking water while fracking into the depths of the earth could unleash viruses with the flowback water?

Permafrost: As the Earth warms, climate change is melting soils that have been frozen for thousands of years, releasing ancient viruses and bacteria that have laid dormant for years and are springing back to life as the globe warms.

A strange virus — COVID-19 — has unleashed itself on humanity, or, maybe, humans have unleashed the virus due to poor management of the planet.

Coming crises: Be prepared. Quit deregulating everything that in the past has kept our foods and water edible and drinkable.

Go with the scientists, and not your gut feeling. Farmers can’t plant seeds on muddy fields.

Water, the breath of life, should be protected with all of your life.

The hurricanes and tornadoes are coming. At what cost? We will soon find out.

There is a strategy to fight climate change, and it’s called reduce the use of fossil fuels.

What is it that the experts on clown street do not understand: Cutting taxes and the Fed cutting interest rates to zero to shore up the economy are creating a whole bunch of Monopoly money.

The president’s and many pundits on Fox News message to the COVID-19 virus is misunderstood. A seventh-grader, when asked, answered that we don’t know what to do. It seems no one knows what is going on. The seventh-grader is right — there is something we are not being told. Why is this virus spreading so easily and rapidly?

Money is not everything. In the Bible, God always was challenging the Israelites to be better with some sort of punishment. Maybe the coronavirus has been sent by God. The message is to take care of the planet, with clean water and clean air foremost.

An invisible enemy is bringing the most powerful country to its knees without firing a shot.

Steve Kopa



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