Trump not winning at all

To the editor:

Before you go off the wall and claim there are some undeserving people who will benefit from the bailout that’s just about to hit American families across this country, first think about this: We need to act now… not only to save lives but make no mistake about it, this money will be given to spark the economy. While the Republicans and Democrats fight over what is best, we wait.

The market is down another 2,000-plus points today. All gains of this administration are gone, nada, kaput! The financial experts are predicting a 20 percent to 30 percent unemployment rate.

Trump is trying to play the blame game, which is causing verbal and physical abuse to Asian-Americans who can’t hide the way they look, just as he did with Latinos the last time around … because it worked for him.

I can understand his frustration at this point — he is not winning friends and not getting any more popular by the minute. His economy which is the only thing he had to run on for re-election has been shattered. He chose to build that wall and a military that can’t do much in the face of this viral epidemic.

The old adage that one shouldn’t put all one’s eggs in one basket could not be more prevalent than now.

So why am I rubbing salt into those wounds? Well, maybe because 3 million more voters tried to tell you that he was unfit, uneducated in the rules of world affairs and did not have the obedience or temperament to get us through a crises.

Once asked in an interview in 2016 while campaigning if he ever asks God for forgiveness, he said he didn’t think so, that he didn’t need to do that. Hmmmm. Nothing to forgive. That should have been the first clue that he’s really only playing to the evangelicals who gather around the White House for prayer time. It’s a hoax. And now the business tycoon who filed bankruptcy six times is now on his seventh one.

Kathy Antinone



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