Thoughts for the 21st century

To the editor:

Welcome to the 21st century.

Fracking: We are changing the contour of Earth, leading to grave consequences.

21st century and civilization: New technology is moving at warp speed with no solutions to the basics. What are we to do? Combat the destruction of the planet from plastic straws, to nuclear waste and AI and the garbage in between.

Psychology 101 (racism): If one is a racist trying to explain why he is not a racist, it’s proof he is a racist or he would not have to explain why he is not a racist. Black or white, with a nod of the head, people can recognize the truth.

Democracy: The experiment is still evolving. It has taken 27 amendments to straighten it out some. While defending the president during his impeachment trail, it was suggested that his powers should go unchallenged. Maybe in the 21st century it needs 10 more. What say you, Alan Dershowitz?

This is the 21st century — how far have we advanced? The stork that brought you will not fly with any 3-year-olds nowadays.

The Coronavirus is just a practice run for the next big one. Viruses are sneaky, and they attack faster than we can respond. If we do not find a vaccine in time, they will devastate the world.

Steve Kopa



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