Pelosi’s behavior abhorrent

To the editor:

In January the writer of a letter to the editor attempted to compare President Trump to Hitler (“Similarities between Hitler and Trump,” Jan 12.) The purpose of this letter is to give examples of how Trump is not like Hitler and to discuss the State of the Union speech by President Trump.

Hitler was a socialist. Under socialism the government confiscates private land and industry. The government runs the peoples’ lives. Trump is a capitalist who has made great strides in improving the economy in our country. In his State of the Union address, Trump said that the United States will not become a socialist country.

Hitler hated the Jewish people. He was responsible for the torture and killing of millions of Jewish people in concentration camps. Trump works with the Jewish people in Israel to protect them. His daughter converted to Judaism when she married and Trump has Jewish grandchildren. There are no concentration camps in our country. Although some people may claim that some of the places where illegal aliens were held before processing had intolerable conditions (which has been refuted), those places do not compare to the concentration camps where twins were subjected to horrible experiments. Every accommodation is made to give adequate care to the illegal aliens in those centers.

Hitler’s goal was to create a “master race.” He was responsible for the killing of many Germans who had mental illness or disabilities. Parents of children who were born with birth defects were persuaded to let the government care for their child. These children were placed in institutions where they were eventually killed. I know of no such institutions in our country. Children born with birth defects are cared for in intensive care nurseries and given treatments to help them live productive lives. Look at the fine work done at hospitals such as Shriner’s.

Hitler ordered the burning of many books. This was done to prevent the German people from reading the theories and ideas of people who did not adhere to Hitler’s philosophy. Since Trump became president, I have not seen any mass book burnings. We still have books and other media available for people to read, many available in public libraries.

Hitler invaded many neighboring countries to expand his holdings. Trump wants to remove our troops from foreign countries such as Afghanistan. He uses sanctions as opposed to war and uses lethal force sparingly.

Trump was elected by the electoral college. This was designed by our founders to ensure that people in all states were given a fair chance to elect the president.

I was appalled to see the Democrats’ behavior during the State of the Union address. I remember Nancy Pelosi jumping up like a Jack-in-the Box at every sentence that President Obama said. Now she sits, fidgets with papers and makes horrible facial gestures. She tore up an official, signed copy of the speech. There are no words to describe her abhorrent behavior. When will this war on our president end?

Michalene A. King