Pelosi’s actions were a disgrace

To the editor:

These are only my opinions and my personal thoughts: I don’t get into discussing politics, because I’m not that smart. However, I enjoy watching people. Their behavior shouts, possibly, how they are really feeling or thinking about things.

Last week I was at the Ohio Valley Honda dealership having my brakes checked. The television was broadcasting something concerning impeachment. There were two gentlemen who were doing things on their cell phones. Two women and I were merely staring at the television. The women began talking as I listened: The conversation was that they both were disgusted at the behavior of the Democratic Party.

One lady said, “My parents would turn over in their graves because they were Democrats all their lives, but I have changed to Republican.” The other woman spoke up and said, “I just changed to Republican too. My family also was Democrats and I had decided to change because of the embarrassment. I can always change back, because this is America.”

Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician. I do believe he loves the United States and is doing his best to “fix” us, no matter what party we belong to. I can’t help it. I have to say this, and I am wondering if I’m the only one who feels the following way: On Tuesday night when the president entered the room and gave Nancy Pelosi the copy of his speech, and she reached out to shake his hand, did he deliberately not shake her hand, or was he shocked at the fact that she offered and he wasn’t expecting it or did he turn away too quickly and missed it? That might have been an honest mistake. ( However, if someone had put me through her behaviors over the years, I may be somewhat apprehensive.)

However, when Nancy Pelosi deliberately tore up the copy of the president’s notes, it showed her extreme hatred and disrespect for not only the president but the people of America. She is a total disgrace to the people she’s supposed to represent and should be removed from public view. I’m extremely appalled and embarrassed by her disgraceful behavior for the entire world to see. She certainly does not represent me as an American. I might not always agree with President Donald Trump’s behavior and words, but I do believe he tries and I do not think he would blatantly, and I mean blatantly, disrespect and insult the American people as Pelosi did when she deliberately ripped up a document that someone might have wanted to pass on to their family, good or not so good.

Am I alone in my thinking?

Mary M. Paice