Morelli will get things done

To the editor:

As a former resident of Jefferson County, I was surprised but quite pleased to see that Tony Morelli has thrown his hat in the ring for county commissioner. In transparency, I knew many members of that family growing up in Wintersville, but no one asked me to write this. The Morellis were leaders in supporting our youth sports, charities and great causes. The generosity, time and impact that they have made in the area has been felt for decades.

Tony’s background of running ethical businesses and being a mentor to our youth can never be understated. He continues to give back to an area that has had a lot of tough times. I can vouch for numerous occasions that a donation of materials, the drop-off of goods or construction items or a contribution of funds from Morelli made a difference in the Wintersville/Steubenville area.

I also know that Morelli is someone who has the ability to come up with solutions for problems. He will get things done because that is the only way he knows — how to do things. Ask people who know him — he has ideas and he is relentless. Although not being a career politician, Tony’s high profile in the community makes him well known, but yet he will fight for the common citizen. This is someone who truly can make a difference in the county.

My only regret is from being removed from the area, I cannot deliver a vote for him … but you can.

Henry J. Spicer