Littlejohn will make a difference

To the editor:

Ed Littlejohn has truly been a blessing to my family and me. As the newest Jefferson County commissioner, he could be a blessing to all of Jefferson County and a great role model. With his excellent personal and communications skills, the residents of Jefferson County will have a better understanding of matters at hand and know that he is working for the betterment of our county.

His business sense and financial knowledge, which includes budgeting, would make him the perfect fit to oversee improvements with the budget and salaries and search for additional funding. Of course, he wants to bring new businesses to our area, which would increase our economy with real estate, more jobs and tax dollars staying within the local economy, therefore improving the county’s identity. Obviously, another result would be a higher probability that our children would stay in the area.

When you vote in the March 17 primary election, elect Littlejohn to serve as our voice for Jefferson County in order to develop new solutions, establish new policy and lead the way to a new reputation for our county. With that being said, keep an open mind to a new leader, new ideas and new solutions.

All you have to give is one thing — and that is your vote. Let’s make a difference by voting for Littlejohn.

Kim Creech