Littlejohn offers much to county

To the editor:

I have known Edward Littlejohn my entire life, as we both are lifelong residents of Steubenville. He has worked tirelessly to build a life for him and his family.

During the process of building his businesses, he has diligently also worked for the people of the community and understands that many face challenges. Littlejohn has a drive and determination for making a positive difference in the lives of others; his faith, compassion and values are genuine and illustrated in every aspect of his life.

A body of elected commissioners serves the executive and legislative duties. So let’s make a difference and elect a body of evidence — Edward Littlejohn — to carry out the duties for change, instead of constant table talk with no results. The time has come for our community in Jefferson County to elect the person who will get the job done as Jefferson County Commissioner. Littlejohn is a man of God that has the heart and knowledge it will take to implement changes necessary to build up our community.

I am personally endorsing Edward Littlejohn for county commissioner. I will pray for the residents of Jefferson County so they can see all that he offers our county.

Michael Thomas



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