Littlejohn is honest, upright

To the editor:

Looking toward the upcoming election in March, I can emphatically endorse Edward Littlejohn for Jefferson County commissioner because his character is honest and upright.

I recently attended a rally for him, and in his talk he articulated that he is ready to listen to the concerns of the people throughout our community. He is a hard-working person who has experience in business, real estate development and in securing funds for Municipal Court probation. He will diligently search for solutions to the problems that are presented to him.

Littlejohn is not one to just say “what the people want to hear.” I can attest to this because I have know him personally for nearly 14 years, and I can vouch for his sincerity.

Though Littlejohn is running as a Democrat, Republicans also can vote for him by just informing the poll worker.

Please lend Edward Littlejohn your support in the March 17 primary election.

Mary O’Connor



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