Democrats will support labor

To the editor:

The House of Representatives recently introduced legislation with the support of Democratic congressmen, labor organizers and senators, which is called the Protecting Rights to Organize Act of 2020. When inacted, it will provide meaningful penalties when employers engage in union-busting and allow workers to pursue their claims in court rather than before the National Labor Relations Board, which can take years and where individuals are often intimidated and overpowered by the $1,000-an-hour attorneys that only large corporations can buy.

This is a major step in creating an economy where everyone can succeed. If a worker is simply fired or harassed for attempting to organize a union that individual will have protection under this law and can be reinstated and not miss paychecks while he or she fights his or her case in court.

On hand for the announcement was U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross of New Jersey, who spoke about going from construction work directly to Congress. He started his career as an IBEW member because he liked working with his hands and as a union member, for which he still holds a card and knows what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. Norcross emphasized that the National Labor Relations Act guaranteed the right of private sector employees to organize into trade unions. This was a beacon of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and with the help of unions built the greatest working class the world has ever seen. If you were raised in the Ohio Valley, surely a father or grandfather or, perhaps, you yourself had your working rights protected by a union. And, the party that is affiliated mostly with unions is the Democratic party.

It’s been a decade since we raised the minimum wage. Everyone working in this country has the right to be treated fairly. When a union worker gets a raise it lifts wages for all workers. Even if you work where there is no union you can benefit when unions are strong. However, unions have been in decline because the 1 percent richest corporations have all the power. We need power back in the hands of we the people.

I want to remind you that you are needed to help select those who will run in the next national election on Nov. 3. There are several good, honest people who will be on the ballot. I urge you to vote for union-friendly candidates because they truly are looking out for our best interests.

We have many important commissioner races in Jefferson County coming up as well as Ohio State Representative of the 96th District and Ohio Senate race for District 30. If you don’t vote now, you will not get another chance for several years. The primary is March 17. And remember all politics is local because when you vote to keep your community thriving it will reflect on whom you vote for nationally. Voting for Democrats will help the working class thrive. If you are tired of wage stagnation, vote Blue.

Kathy Antinone



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