Very disturbing conduct

To the editor:

The hypocrisy, deceit and duplicity rarely, if ever, exhibited by a public official in history, sadly, continues unabated by President Donald J. Trump, as a result of his literally not being held accountable for such inappropriate conduct to date, which appears to have made him even bolder by exhibiting such abhorrent behavior.

Some notable examples of the aforementioned include: Although Trump has declined to accept his presidential salary and has stated he will, by no means, “financially benefit as a result of his tenure as the nation’s chief executive,” for the record, he has unprecedentally, refused to divest himself from his vast business holdings, rather leaving his oldest children in charge, who also just happen to serve him in the White House as his chief presidential advisers.

In addition, it has been reported that his 200-plus golf outings to date at Trump properties have cost American taxpayers more than $10 million, after vigorously criticizing then-President Obama for his occasional rounds of golf, as a result of which he, Obama, did not profit financially. Also, representatives from more than 20 foreign governments have spent more than $10 million to stay at Trump properties in the Washington, D.C., area alone; Republican organizations have spent more than $5 million at Trump properties; and the Trump re-election campaign has reportedly spent more than $1.7 million at Trump properties.

Remember when candidate Trump vehemently criticized other candidates prior to the 2016 election for accepting contributions, stating that such was the epitome of corruption and that he would self-fund his campaign? However, President Trump shortly thereafter contradicted his treatise and has accepted, and continues to accept, massive sums for his re-election campaign.

Obviously, Trump and his business empire are profiting greatly, financially, as a result of his presidency.

President Trump has oftentimes stated that declining or refusing to testify when so compelled was simply an admission that the subject was “guilty as accused.” How is it not such for him when he refuses to testify and compels his cohorts to do likewise in procedures of great national interest?

Prior to the 2012 election, then-citizen Trump stated that then-president Obama would “start a war with Iran in order that he (Obama) could win re-election.” For the record, such, thankfully, did not occur, but Obama was decisively re-elected in 2012.

However, in a possible deja vu moment, it appears that President Trump might be taking significant steps in this manner to, he apparently believes, further enhance his personal re-election efforts, as a result of recent bellicose actions he has taken against Iran.

This most concerning countenance and behavior is sadly, but by no means, atypical from President Trump, who is the first individual to be elected to the highest elective office in our great nation with no previous political experience has been responsible for more than 15,000 false statements while in office, and he has neglected to hold even one press conference in more than 300 days and counting.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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