The party of pronouns

To the editor:

Dumocrats (progressive communists) are the party of pronouns; restrooms; slavery; KKK; voting against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments; deregulation; slaughter of infants; and fake news. People who call themselves journalists but give disinformation and lie by omission are perpetrators of fake news.

There are some who fall into this demented and soul-less category. Other low-IQ Democrats welcome all (good) illegal aliens. How do they know they’re all good? Progressives don’t want to know about the murders, rapes, home invasions and drunk drivers killing and maiming American citizens that federal and state agencies document. They don’t want to put them in Trump cages, but they don’t tell you the cages were first used by Obama. They worry about the homosexual community but don’t comment about blacks beating and killing Jews. Others propagate debunked CNN lies like illegal aliens sleeping on cement floors and drinking from toilets as they try to sneak into America. They end with everything they say as being authenticated and fact-checked. Progressives get this from CNN, MSNBC, NYT — fake news. CNN settled a $250 million lawsuit with the student they defamed as he stood in front of a drum-beating American Indian.

Members of the Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Coalition believe all the above and want a new president for Christmas. They must seek therapy for the next five years.

They endorse socialism, murdering babies, raise taxes, open borders, unfunded military, taking our guns, weakening our economy, raising unemployment, defending illegal aliens, suppressing free speech, paying reparations for slavery, homosexuality, removal of the electoral college and subduing minorities. They embrace Obuma’s legacy: ISIS, caliphate, black lives matter, ANTIFA, war on police, decimating military, bowing to Islamic leaders and state freebies like $900 Obama phones to check on their food stamps.

Nancy Pelosi, a religious Catholic, tells you she prays for Trump and doesn’t hate him, yet she’ll murder babies in the womb and let San Francisco become a third world county.

Clinton’s bumper poster: “Make sure you make it look like a suicide.” Nothing says you’re stupid as a progressive yard sign. The real speaker of the House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, proudly states she’s not a Mormon, and claims she’s never been to Utah or attended their church. Adam Schiff’s chain of evidence — Moe told Larry, Larry told Curly, Curly told me. If judging people by race and sex is wrong, why can’t white men understand? Progressive communists are victims, always seeking pity. They don’t create — they only destroy, look at history.

Coalition members claim they’re victims and are seeking pity. Read their letters — they’re angry about old, straight, white male conservative Christians who are pro-life, gun owners, liberty-loving, politically incorrect and Trump supporters. Democrats are the party of inclusion.

Bernie Sanders says health care is a right (it is not in the Constitution) and government should pay for it — then government should pay for my guns, which are in the Constitution.

Biden in 2020 — think he knows why?

Barry Bardone



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