So much for impartiality

To the editor:

I have been watching our government at work during the procedures leading up to President Trump’s impeachment and I have a couple of concerns.

I watched as the Senate and House members were sworn in as “impartial jurors” and I’m wondering why Mitch McConnell was permitted to participate. That man already stated on national TV that he would not be impartial. In a regular trial, he would have been excused from jury duty as soon as those words left his mouth. And, since he swore under oath to be impartial, isn’t he, therefore, guilty of perjury?

He either lied when he said he would not be impartial or he is lying now. Either way, no one who behaves like that has any business serving on a jury. Does his position as an elected public official give him the right to flaunt the rules of law? The statement, “No one is above the law,” evidently does not apply to Mitch McConnell.

I fear that Democracy is already dead ­– it just hasn’t been buried. And, if we, the people, allow things to continue as they are, there won’t even be a headstone to mark its final resting place.

Anita Crothers



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