Our area is a dumping ground

To the editor:

Respectively, Barb Davis — after reading your opinion letter in the Jan. 19 edition of the Herald-Star, I feel I must respond (“Anger is misdirected.”)

Jefferson County is not a large metropolitan area. We are a very sparsely populated area where it seems like everyone knows each other and knows what is happening. It is wrong to think our elected officials did not know about this transaction, especially since so much attention has been on Apex and Cross Creek in recent weeks.

My point is this: The sale of Apex was known by our county and state officials for weeks. Check the deed transfer date. Apex Landfill was purchased by an organization from Connecticut. Jefferson County will now be the landfill for Connecticut’s garbage, as well as New York and New Jersey’s garbage. These agreements to make our area the garbage dump for thousands of tons of toxic municipal waste, including human waste and hospital waste, are multi-million dollar deals. Citizens like you and I aren’t going to stop them. The health of all of us is being compromised. Sadly, we will leave two huge, toxic life-threatening mounds of municipal garbage as our legacy for our future generations.

Nancy Miller