OEPA continued to ignore residents

To the editor:

The Ohio EPA recently held a meeting to consider a proposal by the owners of Apex landfill to modify its permit-to-install document. This meeting took place in Amsterdam in November and was well attended. The EPA explained the proposal, which is somewhat technical in nature, but residents were only interested in their longstanding complaints about water and air quality issues and said so at every opportunity.

To the surprise of almost no one, the permit modification has now been approved and issued, and the comments made by residents were ignored. Democracy has been replaced by a theatrical event. We’ve seen this bait-and-switch routine before.

The EPA only carries out laws as passed by elected officials. Instead of blaming the EPA we should find and support better candidates for office at all levels of government. To change laws we must first change lawmakers.

Staged events like the one in Amsterdam are useful to people in more influential ZIP codes. These synthetic forums give the illusion of democracy and allow business as usual to continue uninterrupted. Friends of Cross Creek, please take note.

John Rucki



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