Democrats have lost sight of issues

To the editor:

As I read the letters to the editor over the years, I notice a pattern. There seem to be some writers who constantly belittle President Trump. They have the same talking points in all of their letters. Why are they so dysphoric regarding Trump? Do they believe all the hate they write? I’m sure they are much nicer people than their letters expose themselves to be.

The Jan. 12 letter by Kathy Antinone really hit rock bottom, trying to convince people to vote Democrat because Trump is like Hitler (“Similarities between Hitler and Trump.”) It is quite disturbing that the only way she can win an argument is by telling half the country they are Nazis. It will never succeed. If she thinks she wins people over with such an argument, I think she is mistaken. If she and the Democrats judge this is the way to convince voters to support their cause, they are wrong.

It would be nice if they could reveal their platform concerning the economy, infrastructure, education, military, jobs and stock market, but I think it is difficult for them because of the success Trump is having. They failed with the Mueller report and impeachment and have nothing to offer but to degrade him on everything. This is wrong and beneath reasonable-thinking people. If they continue on this path, Trump’s re-election is assured.

Maybe they should concentrate their energy on a local issue. Although many writers aren’t from Wintersville, the proposed landfill will affect their lives somewhere down the line. Water seepage issues, health issues and, especially, the smell of such a place is a Jefferson County issue and problem. These Democrat writers don’t seem to have a logical answer to America’s and local problems. They are so fixated on hating and destroying Trump they have lost sight of what the average, rational American thinks and wants.

Patti Morgan