A little more thinking needed

To the editor:

I have been a lifelong resident of this valley, but I am very concerned about some of the discourse found on this page and by valley residents on the whole. Some of the men who write in act like all abortions are done frivolously. The state Legislature has even passed an unenforceable law. Ectopic pregnancies cannot be replanted — if they could, don’t you think that the women wanting families would have demanded this procedure long ago.

Late-term abortion is not, I repeat, is not, tearing a baby out and killing it. Late-term abortion is when something has gone terribly wrong. It is a very painful experience for the woman who planned on being a mother, probably already had a name picked out and a nursery decorated. The Legislature doesn’t need to be in the health care business, something they obviously know nothing about. Men also need to be careful about how they address women. Children are watching you and when you disrespect a woman, you are telling boys that it is OK and you are telling girls, that they are not equal to men. Calling women witches or a group of women a coven is disrespectful, and it carries an inherent threat. If these women were actually witches, don’t you think that a lot of you would be toads by now?

I also am tired of seeing U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., being treated as the enemy. I realize that for some people, she is the wrong sex, the wrong color and the wrong religion, but she does not need every word she says being taken out of context or twisted around. This is especially true when the GOP administration knowingly stands up and spews one falsehood after another. She makes a comment about PTSD and is attacked. Are veterans the only people allowed to suffer PTSD? She was a child in war-torn Somalia — of course she has PTSD, but I am guessing that those who belittle women also expect them to be stronger than our veterans. Most Muslims I know are just ordinary people trying to manage their way through life. They condemn terrorism and terrorists. Muslim does not equal terrorist any more than being a woman equals witch.

Which brings me to another subject, Christianity has gotten really off course in this county and this country. If being a Christian means I have to emulate others who have embraced hypocrisy, then I would be done with it. People who have embraced climate denial as part of their religion perplex me. Look at Australia — a continent is burning. How many of our homes will survive when we experience drought and the fires reach us?

Let’s strive for a little more thinking about the issues and a little less parroting of propaganda.

Kathy E. Lawrence