What about the old pastoral plan?

To the editor:

An inserted letter was in the church bulletin. It was dated Dec. 3, and was from the bishop of Steubenville, Jeffrey Monforton. He wants to move forward and is planning to prepare a ” … Pastoral plan over the next year, as we celebrate our 75th anniversary … Church organizations that will be consulted: Presbyteral council, college of consultors, deans, diocesan pastoral council and young adults.”

We in the Diocese of Steubenville had a pastoral plan before — it was started by Bishop Daniel Conlon beginning in 2003. He only had a presbyteral council and pastoral council though, the fruits of that plan was twofold — the first was to euthanize the parishes of Holy Name Cathedral, Holy Rosary, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Stanislaus, Servants of Christ the King and St. Pius X in the city of Steubenville. In the future it would exterminate other parishes throughout the diocese. The second was a new cathedral — during this time Holy Name Cathedral was renamed to Triumph of the Cross (a loophole used by Conlon, who was a cannon lawyer) to establish a non-existent church.

There is no need for any of this. Monforton needs to stop implementing and continuing Conlon’s destruction of parish communities. Following the path of Conlon, Monforton since he became bishop has closed St. Joseph, Fairpoint, Jan. 2, 2015; St. Paul, Flushing, June 30, 2014; St. Mary, Lafferty, May 23, 2014; St. Stanislaus, Maynard, Jan.2, 2015; Sacred Heart, Neffs, Oct. 7, 2018; and St. John Vianney, Powhattan Point, Oct. 6, 2018.

The solution is simple — leave parishes alone. As for the cathedral — a special collection should be done with a stated project and the amount needed. The faithful have become leery of donating — the un-needed non-existant cathedral is the cause of this. The diocese has been without the use of the cathedral since 2014 — this can be laid at the feet of Conlon.

Merica Petrella



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