Progressives are merchants of misery

To the editor:

I can prove progressive communists believe they’re God. God created man and woman, progressives the rest. They want to make us in their image, whichever one is the gender of the day. Progressives don’t want to hear your opinion — they want to hear their opinion coming from your mouth.

Progressives have no sense of humor — ever see one smile, even smile during the Christmas season? These corrupt thinkers wake up with a frown looking for ways to make things gloomy for others. Why don’t they mind their own business? They only feel good when they disrupt the joy of others. Don’t like Christmas? Don’t celebrate it.

These misery merchants never created anything — they only tear down.

Name one thing in the past three years that progressive commies have done to make us safe, secure or more prosperous. Did they create jobs, secure the border, bring our troops home or stop the murder of innocent babies? They did create tent cities, non-gender restrooms and made slaughtering human babies easier after birth.

What makes snowflakes superior in their minds is their feelings are hurt by words and facts they don’t agree with. Upset over words — how pathetic. I’ll define some for them: Deceitful equals Adam Schiff; crazy equals Nancy Pelosi; dreadful equals impeachment hearings; ignorant equals Maxine Watters; deviant equals Obama; demented equals Jerry Nadler; and stupid equals Dumbocrats.

A letter signaling corrupt thinking of progressive commies is “The swamp still needs to be drained (Nov 17.)” It is the epitome of hypocrisy. Kathy Antinone states President Trump and his sons made trips to foreign countries on the taxpayers’ dime. Why isn’t she upset with then-vice president Joe Biden taking along his son to Ukraine and China on taxpayers’ money and coming back wealthy ($80,000 a month for Hunter because of his father?)

The Trumps were millionaires before they were in politics, while the Bidens became millionaires after daddy entered politics. Trump’s children are business-savvy while Hunter Biden’s credentials include being kicked out the Navy for cocaine use and child support payments for an illegitimate child he fathered with a stripper.

What are progressive commies grateful for this Christmas season? I bring joy to these Scrooges. Members of their cult hyperventilate and then regurgitate the same name-calling and drivel. They blame America for their personal failures. It’s always someone else’s fault. Will progressives ever look into the mirror and admit that maybe it’s them?

The next Democrat presidential candidates debate will feature two billionaires and several millionaires who want to raise my taxes because I have too much money. Kamala Harris dropped out she says because Democrat black Americans didn’t stand up for her. Maybe she’s like Hillary Clinton — a lousy candidate.

I have no problem with extensive background checks for gun owners, as long as we do the same for voters. Want Mexico to build the wall? Tell them Trump is deporting all Democrats there.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to believers. Good luck to progressive communists.

Barry Bardone



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