Happy holidays to everyone

To the editor:

The day after Thanksgiving is usually a pretty busy day for most people, visiting with friends and family who are back in town for the holiday, putting up the tree and other holiday decorations and, of course, hitting the stores for Black Friday deals. People normally aren’t thinking about politics. For one person, though, it was the perfect time to call and harass a complete stranger.

I have been expecting a phone call so I was making sure I answered my phone even if I didn’t recognize the number, as I didn’t know the number for the call I was expecting. Late in the afternoon of Nov. 29, I answered a call, and it was a woman telling me she got my number from “someone” telling her I was in the county Democratic Party. I explained to her I was not but that didn’t stop her. She went on to yell at me about the county landfill situation. I stopped her and explained she would be better off to call the county commissioners or the Ohio EPA or the health board, but she refused to listen and just kept up her rant. As I listened to her I recognized her voice as the woman who phoned me a few months back accusing me of killing babies. I have to admit I laughed at that call and laughed at her latest call, but honestly I feel pity for her as she seems to have been led astray.

Heading up a grassroots organization I’ve been called all kinds of things, and I’m fine with that — it means our group is making headway and if we are making people nervous that’s a good thing in my book. Progress is scary to some people.

As I look forward to 2020 my goal is to keep making progress. I will be doing my part to help Democrats get elected, knocking on doors, making phone calls to help get out the vote and anything else I can do to promote Democratic candidates.

I hope the woman who called me makes better use of her time and energy in 2020 as calling me is really a poor use of her time and energy.

Happy holidays to everyone however you celebrate. See you in the new year.

Barbara Davis



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