Gas development helping region

To the editor:

Over the last several years, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the development of Ohio’s Utica shale resources, including both its obvious and, perhaps, less obvious direct benefits.

Overall, this area of the state is very supportive of the oil and gas industry, as it is seeing many of the obvious positive impacts such as the new school building in Carrollton and the new Rocket Community Center, both being funded by natural gas development. Plus the industry has paid $141 million in local property taxes and $300 million in local road projects.

One thing that is perhaps less obvious is how increased natural gas production is saving families and homeowners money on heating costs. The recent study by Shale Crescent USA, shows $4,000 in savings per family over the last 10 years. With everything keeping us busy from our families to our jobs, who is chatting with a friend talking about their lower gas bill? However, natural gas prices are 30 percent lower than they were just a year ago, according to the Energy Information Administration. Additionally, the national average price for residential propane is 22 percent lower than last year, and heating oil is down 11 percent, all of which is leading to significant savings on energy costs at home.

This is important to keep in mind, considering the loud minority out there that uses misinformation — sometimes intentionally and sometimes not — calling for an outright ban on oil and gas development. While they have the right to hold clever signs, shout cute sayings and express their own opinion, they suffer from the notable disadvantage of being wrong.

There is much work to do to ensure Appalachia continues to turn the corner to become a more prosperous area. Keeping more money in your pocket when heating your home is a step in the right direction.

Mike Chadsey



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