Attacks on progressives wrong

To the editor:

Barry Bardone makes it a monthly ritual to attack the Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Coalition. The latest came in his letter of Dec. 8 (“Progressives are merchants of misery.”) All of his letters are filled with mistruths about the organization, based only on his biased opinion with no data to back it up. He states he can prove we think we are God. That’s a lie. However, I can prove that many in the party he follows have stated that a hateful, racist, thin-skinned, unconscionable man, with no love for mankind, our country or the Constitution, who said he has never done anything in his life to ask God’s forgiveness, is in fact the chosen one sent by God to save us. They worship a president who is slowly destroying the very fabric our country was founded upon, and is now the laughing stock around the globe.

The only truth in the letter is that we do not smile. My question is, what is there to smile about? Last week, a 16-year-old immigrant child died of the flu, bringing the death toll up to five. Five innocent children died at the hands of our government through the policies made by your “chosen one.” There are thousands of defenseless children caged, to sleep on cold cement floors, drinking water from toilets, with a diet consisting of bologna sandwiches. They experience physical, mental and emotional torture and many are being raped. But you and your party state they deserve it; their parents had no business to bring them here. Parents who fled to a country they thought would protect them from imminent death, only to find themselves arriving in a country under the control of a tyrant. The writer always brings up the fact he is pro-life. He is not pro-life, he is anti-abortion and would rather fight for a cluster of cells than a living and breathing child. More children were slaughtered in their classrooms this year than soldiers killed in Iraq.

The writer asks what have we done in the past three years to make our country safe, secure or more prosperous. Until 2018, the writer’s party had controlled all three branches of the government. Hundreds of bills, submitted by the now-Democratic House for gun control, immigration, taxes and environmental needs sit and collect dust on Moscow Mitch McConnell’s desk. He will not bring them to the floor because the president will not sign them. Also, the next time the writer decides to attack Obama’s record, remember that, at the end of 29 months as our president, he had 1 million more jobs than Trump, the stock market was doing just as well and he had brought us out of a worldwide recession. Everything I have written has been fact-checked for authenticity.

So, what have you done to make our country safe, prosperous and secure?

To everyone else, enjoy your Merry Christmas, and all I can say is vote blue, no matter who. Consider the mic dropped.

Denise Galownia

Mingo Junction


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