When will persecution end?

To the editor:

The Constitution states that the president shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Since Donald Trump was elected president, many Democrats and never-Trumpers have been calling for impeachment. The $35 million Mueller probe lasting more than two years showed no evidence to support impeachment. That money could have been used for our failing infrastructure, the opioid crisis or other needs of our citizens. Now that the Mueller report has failed, the Trump haters instituted an “impeachment inquiry” based on a phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president.

This inquiry started with hearsay evidence from an anonymous whistleblower. Hearsay evidence is not accepted in any court in our country, but is now being used to impeach our president.

The official transcript of the call has been released, and I have read the transcript. There is no indication that the Ukrainian president was bullied in any way or asked for unreasonable favors. According to U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, the National Defense Authorization Act authorizes the president to verify that attempts are made to root out corruption in countries to which we give money. If there had been any mention of corruption in the phone call, it was sanctioned by the National Defense Authorization Act. Both President Trump and the Ukrainian president have stated that there was no “quid pro quo.” How is this phone call an impeachable offense?

The Democrats called in select witness. Some of these witnesses are ex-at-will employees who hold a grudge for losing their jobs. The witnesses have been told by Adam Schiff that they do not have to answer questions from the Republicans. Released transcripts reveal that these witnesses “presumed” much of what they reported. Now, one diplomat has remembered that he carried a message about a “quid pro quo” to a Ukrainian official during a conference in Warsaw. If he really carried that message, why didn’t he remember that during his testimony? Hearsay, disgruntled ex-employees and “recovered memories” — how can we believe any of these witnesses? Early hearings have been done in secret with no transparency. How is this fair to President Trump and the citizens who support him?

Many say that President Trump has divided our country. The Democrats and the never-Trumpers are the ones who are dividing our country.

What have the Democrats in congress done since President Trump took office? Their mantra has been “obstruct.” They are not working on legislation. What are they doing for us? While Nancy Pelosi is talking about the necessity of the “impeachment inquiry” and “praying,” she is not doing her job to move legislation forward. The House of Representatives is not working for the American people.

There can be no positive outcome from this “impeachment” except to satisfy those people who have been calling for impeachment. Our country is at a standstill because the House of Representatives will not do their job. When will this persecution of President Trump end?

Michalene A. King



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