Trump must be held accountable

To the editor:

As an Ohio Republican, who once served in party leadership, I’m frankly embarrassed by President Trump’s actions. It’s only become worse since I resigned as chair of the Belmont County Republican Party following Trump’s disastrous press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It seems like every morning there’s a new crisis on my television.

Our president is acting like the rules don’t apply to him, and that’s a terrible message to send to the rest of the country — and the world. No Republican wants to see our party represented by an administration that abuses power. We believe in following the law as it has been laid out in our Constitution. Or at least I thought we did.

Congress is America’s only hope now. Our president isn’t going to change his behavior by himself, so Congress has to act on behalf of the American people. In short, they need to make sure that he is held accountable by our Constitution, as we all are as Americans. The future of our party, and our country, are on the line.

Christopher Gagin

St. Clairsville