Thoughts about progressive thoughts

To the editor:

Progressives turn being stupid into a competition — just read their letters.

Another example of progressive deceitful narrative to sway people is Marjie DeFede’s letter of Oct. 13, “Don’t punish pain event slated.” She writes, “Do you want a politician to decide your medical treatment?” She doesn’t. But she’s fine with Elizabeth Warren’s and crazy Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all, which will have politicians deciding our health care. Like your doctor? You can keep him. Where did we hear that before?

Progressive communists lie even if they contradict themselves. They say we must believe decorated Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, but not combat-decorated Lt. Gen. Flynn. A glaring example of their double standard of listen to me I know better.

Local progressive communists love socialism and should read and educate themselves by reading about their utopia state of Venezuela, learning more about progressive hero reprobate Ulrich Klopfer, the abortion doctor who slaughtered 50,000 babies and kept parts of fetuses in his house and garage.

Progressives wake up angry and waiting to be offended by people using wrong pronouns, rising tides, AR-15 magazines and red meat; they are jealous of money held by others and hard work; they are upset over free speech and looking for safe spaces. What a dreadful, dire, dispiriting and dull existence.

My sister-in-law’s cousin’s grandmother told me that a whistleblower told her he overheard in a transgender restroom Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asking Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren, “As an Indian, did you kill buffaloes for their wings?”

Snowflakes and progressive communists who enjoy today’s freedom to spout their ignorance should thank those who fought the wars for us and kept us free. They bought our liberty with their genius and their blood.

Here’s a question confounding hysterical amigos: Why do progressives favor a woman’s choice to slaughter their unborn babies but not a woman’s choice to keep an AR-15 in her home to protect their babies?

Ponder this: The NRA kills zero people each day and receives zero taxpayer dollars. Planned Parenthood kills 887 babies per day — one every 90 seconds — and receives $500 million in taxpayer money a year. Which one’s evil?

Bill and Hilllary Clinton and Barrack and Michele Obama were lawyers who had to surrender their license due to illicit activities. And progressives call Trump unfit?

What do Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and Anthony Weiner have in common, besides being deviant sexual predators? Obama presented them with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. If you believe Obama knew nothing about their demented obsessions, I have a bridge to sell you.

Progressives say nobody is above the law, not even the president. Why are illegal aliens?

When all the stupidity with impeachment is over, what will Donald Trump be called for the next five years? Mr. President.

A dog knew more of the mission to kill terrorist ISIS leader Baghdadi than Nancy Pelosi because she can’t be trusted. The dog did more for America than the top three progressive candidates running for president combined.

Barry Bardone



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