The swamp still needs to be drained

To the editor:

President Trump’s idea of “draining the swamp” is a far cry from what he claimed it would be. He said at his rallies that he would do away with wasteful spending and get rid of corruption — my foot. There is not enough space to tell all of the egregious mistakes and missteps Trump has made in these past three years and keep it to 500 words, so let’s just take a look at his cabinet choices.

Trump is draining the swamp with lobbyists. His head of the Environmental Protection Agency was a lobbyist for a coal plant. Need I mention that our quality of air is slipping during the last two years?

His secretary of the interior is an oil industry lobbyist. Is it a wonder why we are selling off our national parks and forestry to mining and drilling companies?

His secretary of Health and Human Services, who is supposed to look out for the public welfare, is a big pharma lobbyist. So much for reigning in our drug costs.

The secretary of energy, Rick Perry, who is supposed to be safeguarding our nuclear materials, is making sweetheart deals for his donors.

If that isn’t enough to make you sick, Sonny Perdue, secretary of agriculture, tells our going-bankrupt farmers that they are whining.

As Sonny and Cher once sang “and the beat goes on.” Without skipping a beat, Trump and his son-in-law, Jerod Kushner, are treating the presidency as a personal venture — making business deals in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Even Trump’s sons are in on the action, as we the taxpayers provide them with security while they travel to do business in DuBai. No telling how many “business” trips they will be taking.

Are you feeling a little queezy yet? Now, Trump’s spiritual adviser has taken a position in the White House. She claims that God follows her everywhere, while she cons her donors into giving more or they may disappoint God. Thought I had heard it all, until now.

Kathy Antinone