Real patriots speaking out

To the editor:

Lt. Cl. Alexander Vindman gave his deposition this past week and what did President Tump and his lackeys do? At first they attacked him, calling a decorated combat veteran who was injured in Iraq a double agent because he and his family emigrated here from the Ukraine when he was 3, and when that backfired spectacularly they accused him of being a “never Trumper” and part of a deep state conspiracy that is working to “take down Trump.”

It’s laughable on its face, but Trump’s base eats it up like pigs at the trough.

Vindman and his twin brother joined the military to serve their country and to give back to the country that they love; they took an oath to the U.S. Constitution and have served honorably. Not one single member of the Trump family has ever served any country. Trump’s grandfather didn’t intend to stay in America, however, because he left Germany and when he did, he broke the law by not doing his compulsory military service and his German citizenship was revoked — he begged to go back to his homeland but they wouldn’t have him.

Fred Trump never served in the U.S. military, but he was arrested in 1927 when members of the KKK got into a fight with police.

Donald never served in U.S. military — he had his father get a doctor who rented space from him to write a letter stating that poor little Donny couldn’t possibly go to Vietnam because he had “bone spurs.” Trump has stated many times that his Vietnam was not getting STDs from all the women he slept with. This while other decent young men who didn’t have a daddy to get them out of it went to Vietnam and did their duty to country.

Both of Trump’s grown sons have never served in the military nor has his daughter or his son-in-law.

Trump says he loves the veterans but thinks all who can’t get out of serving are suckers and losers.

If you think Trump is a patriot because he stands on stage and literally hugs a flag, you need to look up the definition of patriot.

The real patriots are Vindman and the other career diplomatic employees who are going before the congressional committee to tell what they have seen and heard coming from Trump and his henchmen Rudy Giuliani and his pals (who are currently cooling their heels in a jail cell); Attorney General Bill Barr and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The people coming forward to speak the truth are the real patriots, not Trump and the thugs he surrounds himself with.

Barbara Davis



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