Questions about president’s health

To the editor:

On Nov. 16, Donald Trump went into Walter Reed Medical Center for an unscheduled “physical” examination. His press people tell us he decided to get a jump on part of his annual physical, which is scheduled nearly four months from now. I’m no expert on linear time, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how “annual” works.

Consequently, many have speculated this medical visit wasn’t so much about getting his physical started as it was about getting something re-started, like maybe his heart or his endocrine system. This wouldn’t be unusual for a 73-year-old man with a passion for fast food, but there’s added reason to speculate that Trump, in particular, might have health issues.

Aside from two previous obviously fraudulent health reports from Drs. Bornstein and pill-pusher Jackson, many have noticed that when he appears before the cameras to deliver scripted addresses, Trump’s speech is often slurred, his pupils dilated even under bright lights and he tends to sniff … a lot. Additionally, his gait is odd, he stands in a peculiar manner, and he is prone — at the conclusion of his appearances — to wander about in apparent confusion. In his unscripted appearances, he tends to ramble, he’s unnecessarily combative and his vocabulary is limited; all suggesting paranoia as well as cognition and memory impediments.

So, what might be causing this rapid decline of his health? Actually, a better question might be is this a rapid deterioration, or is it just a continuation of a previously existing decline? So, let’s speculate.

Now, before any assail me for choosing to surmise in this way, I’d remind everyone how Trump and his team speculated wildly about the health of Hillary Clinton when she took briefly ill during the 2016 campaign. What’s good for the goose …

If you can access a computer, check Trump’s Cinco de Mayo tweet from 2016 (1:57 p.m.) Then-candidate Trump posted a photo of himself in his Trump Tower office eating a taco salad, because — I dunno — Mexico? But the relevant thing is in the near background. A desk drawer is halfway open, and anybody can zoom in to see the drawer is overflowing with the U.K. version of the sinus decongestant brand-named Sudafed, abuse of which has several side-effects including paranoid psychosis, hallucinations and yes, dilated pupils.

But what evidence is there that Trump abuses Sudafed? Maybe he’s just a collector of empty medication boxes. Well, there’s at least one eyewitness. Comedian Noel Casler has known Trump since the 1990s when he worked on the Miss Teen Universe pageant and later on the writing staff of “Celebrity Apprentice” for several years. Casler claims he has seen Trump crush and sniff Adderall and pop Sudafed like candy. But maybe it’s OK if the White House is lying to us about Trump’s actual “health issues” instead of exercising the 25th Amendment. After all, Democrats kept it on the down-low that FDR had polio. If Trump’s a speed freak, that’s kind of the same thing. No?

J. David Core



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