Many questions about meeting

To the editor:

On Tuesday, the Herald-Star ran a headline “Landfill discussion raising concerns.” In it, Nicole Balakos, the Jefferson County health commissioner, said that a closed-door meeting had been held on Wednesday (I guess that was Nov. 13), listing that the agency had been in attendance. So, who called this meeting? Where was it held? Where are the minutes of that meeting? And, who was in attendance?

I think Jefferson County residents deserve better “honest” representation about what is happening. There has been no mention of the meeting that was in held in May, involving the health commissioner and entities looking for ways to start up the landfill.

Balakos, who apparently does not hold the credentials to be a health commissioner as set forth by the state of Ohio, has now become an expert on landfills, saying it would take millions of dollars to take care of all of the problems.

In August, the county health department received two formal complaints about the leachate at the Crossridge Landfill, and they were investigated by Mark Maragos. They also received more than 30 formal complaints about the Apex Landfill and there was no follow-up to those complaints at Apex.

Maragos is a relative of Balakos — an example of Jefferson County politics at work. Also of note: Apex is paying Jefferson County lots of money in tipping fees, and Crossridge hasn’t paid any fees since it closed.

We all need to get involved — this article came to light because of the Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District — not Greenway Reclamation or the Jefferson County Health Department, the Ohio EPA, the JB Green Team or city or county officials who attended. I would like to see the names of the attendees at the meetings.

I personally don’t want to be known as the smelliest county in the United States.

Russ Chenowith



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