Left takes pride in war on God

To the editor:

The most identifying ideological property of the progressive left is its pride in having declared war on God by its capricious devaluation of the precious gift of life. The speeches of its favored political candidates are less promise than menace. Despite the thuggish behavior of their anti-fa allies and encouragement of major media magnates, the left cannot (yet) accomplish outright persecution, yet they have no problem using government power to enact marginalization and repression of pro-life Christians.

We have heard threats of using taxpayer funding for abortion, rescinding tax-exempt status for churches, repealing of conscience protection, prosecution for quoting certain Bible verses and, once again, using the HHS mandate for the financial destruction of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

This socialist-progressive elite dismisses the pursuit of the common good in favor of perverse selfishness, “For they know not how to do what is right, says the lord.” (Amos 3:10) Their stated goal is to force an amoral society on the culture through the use of government power, a society which judges the dignity and value of humankind only through its utility, a society in which everyone is required to be complicit in the iniquity of abortion and euthanasia. They care not that, “Every violation of the personal dignity if the human being cries out in vengeance to God as an offense against the creator of that individual. (Pope St. John Paul II: “Christifidelis Laici; 37)

These ideological minions mindlessly adhere to the diabolically deviant “compassion” that considers the slaughter of the innocent and helpless a “civil right” and a benefit to society. In this misguided ideology, the sycophant worries more about being politically correct than about being spiritually correct, and consequently freely consents to one’s spiritual death, for, “The rod of the supreme judge can give us precisely what we are dealing out to others.” (Suzanne Noffke, OP: “Catherine of Siena;” letter T311)

Ed Bednar



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