Looking to have faith restored

To the editor:

The election of Donald Trump shook my faith in America. His presidency has been a national shame. I haven’t lost faith in our system, but in the U.S. as a people. I’ve had to admit that we were never what I believed we were, or Trump wouldn’t be where he is, undermining our democracy.

Hillary got close to 3 million more votes, but we got Trump, not just because of Putin’s PSYOP attack, Comey’s stupid stunt just before the election and the media’s obsession with e-mails. There were the bigots, well indoctrinated by the GOP’s Southern strategy dog whistles that have spewed from hate radio and Fox for decades. There also were otherwise decent people who willingly overlooked Trump’s immorality and corruption to support him.

With Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry announcement on Sept. 24, I have new hope. Most people will see the damning evidence clearly laid out before them, and realize, if they haven’t already, that Donald Trump was never fit for office. Many Trump supporters may wonder how they ever could’ve voted for him. I even have hope that Republicans in the Senate, not all, but enough, will do the right thing, and vote to impeach Donald Trump. Republicans were the heroes during the Watergate hearings.

I’m glad the truth is finally all going to come out, but impeachment is going to be difficult for the country. I can’t be happy about that. I will be relieved when it’s over. I actually feel sad for the emotionally manipulated victims of Fox and their ilk. Many won’t understand, and the right-wing propagandists won’t want them to process the information on an intellectual level. They’ll appeal to them on an emotional level, generating outrage and distrust of the process.

Because of the Fairness Doctrine, America didn’t have to contend with propagandists during Watergate. These propagandists have no concern about the psychological harm they do to individuals, or what they do to us collectively as a society, with their tactics. Plutocrats use propaganda because the truth doesn’t work well for them. They can’t run on their true agenda of just helping the rich get richer. They’ll make this impeachment ordeal much harder than it has to be.

I remember the collective sigh of relief we felt as a country when President Gerald Ford said, after President Richard Nixon left office, “Our long national nightmare is over.” This nightmare is much worse. I want it to be over, one way or another. Maybe Trump will manage to stay in office for the rest of his term because the Senate majority may not do the right thing, but at least Trump will be held in check.

I hope we’ll come through this stronger and wiser. I want to have faith in the U.S. again. I hope that together, we’ll resolve to never let another Trump happen to us again.

Bill Clinton was right — “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

Patricia Mossor



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