Let Trump be Trump

To the editor:

Let Trump be Trump … a catch phrase these days, even a title of a book. It suggests that we forget about or don’t care about Trump showing us his taxes, because you’re OK with that as long as he’s cracking down on food stamp recipients … even if it includes children, the elderly and veterans.

You were just fine with the 2017 tax laws that benefited the one-10th of 1 percent (billionaire class), as long as the working class citizens of the U.S. receive a raise. According to the 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, workers’ bonuses rose 1 percent more than 2017, which was only 2 cents.

While his tariffs with China wreaks havoc on the American farmers, you are OK with that too, while his daughter received 10 trademarks in China and whose imports are declared exempt from tariffs. That’s just great … letting our farmers have the highest number of bankruptcies ever, but let Trump be Trump because you think he’s a great businessman.

Trump’s Labor Department killed the overtime rule leaving behind millions of salaried workers. You were OK with that too because you are against any kind of union. You sometimes forget it was unions that built the middle class.

While he hand picks oligarchs and lobbyists to head government agencies that are supposed to keep us safe from corporate greed and make sure our health is improved, they are sabotaging the very agencies they are sworn to uphold. This is done all in the name of deregulation. You hate regulations even if they are good for us, so let Trump be Trump.

You love his wall, so you say, let Trump build his wall, even though he’s taking the money from military outlays that were approved for projects for military families. But that’s OK. He can do want ever he wants.

A lot of White House allies are going out on a limb to defend Trump, maybe even you, but don’t know quite what to say because he keeps changing his arguments. As long as he “tells it like it is,” you are fine with letting Trump be Trump.

And now it seems to be fine with you that the latest shameful conduct of this president, asking a foreign leader for dirt on a potential political opponent which is unethical, illegal and unconstitutional, is OK with you because you don’t care if he’s committed crimes as long as he does your bidding. Our country was founded on the principles that we are a democracy with three branches of governmen,t one overseeing the other.

If Trump is impeached and he takes down the vice president for being complicit in this latest crisis, it might lead to the next in line to the presidency, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. But I say, “Let Trump be Trump, he’s doing it to himself.”

Kathy Antinone



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