JVS means jobs for students

To the editor:

As executive secretary to the superintendent at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School for 41-plus years, I know the excellent value of a vocational education — it means learning the employability and occupational skills to be employed in your first job. More than 14,000 students have chosen to attend the JVS, study a trade and start their future in Jefferson County as health technicians, cooks, auto service techs, cosmetologists, electricians, welders, secretaries, web designers, carpenters, etc.

Our students choose to come from different high schools and enroll at the JVS because they have a hunger to learn. Through “hands-on” skills, teachers, emphasizing safety, show how to work as a team to get a project done and how to use technology as tool. Many times you hear that our children leave the valley to get jobs — JVS alumni live, work and pay taxes right here in Jefferson County.

This letter asks you to exercise your right to vote “yes” to support Issue 13, the JVS 1-mill levy. Your vote will assist in continuing the JVS mission of educating your daughters and sons for entry-level jobs now and preparing for lifelong learning in their careers.

We are happy to share that there are several persons and organizations who agree with us and endorse the Jefferson County JVS levy. They include the Jefferson County Commissioners, Tom Gentile, Thomas Graham and Dave Maple; Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla; Jefferson County Health Department; Borden Office Equipment; Steubenville City Council; Toronto City Council; Jimmie Bruce, president of Eastern Gateway Community College; Bergholz EMS; Bergholz Fire Department; Knoxville Fire Department (Jessy Reynolds, Class of 1994); Mount Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department; Tiltonsville Fire Department; Wintersville Fire and Rescue and Chief Robert Herrington; Edison Local School District and Steubenville City School District.

JVS means jobs for vocational students. That’s not too difficult to remember — if you want your child to have a job, have him or her join their friends and enroll at the JVS. If you want to upgrade your skills, enroll in JVS evening adult classes and earn a certificate that you can use in your job. JVS equals jobs for vocational students.

Join me, JVS alumni, family and friends by voting yes for the Jefferson County JVS, Issue No. 13 — the 1-mill levy — when you go to the polls on Nov. 5. We are worth the investment in our children” future. Thank you.

Dorothy S. Blaner

Executive secretary

to the superintendent

Jefferson County JVS