JVS a landmark in our county

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to ask that all who read it to please vote for the renewal of the levy (Issue 13), for the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School.

I myself am a senior at the JVS and cannot express what a wonderful school it is. The teachers there want their students to learn, and will do their best to see that they graduate with the proper credential points. Thus, most students have enough expertise to go straight into a very stable job, and high-paying for one straight out of high school.

We must not underestimate what JVS does for our community in preparing the future work force of tomorrow. From programs like carpentry, power mechanics, electrical, auto body and welding, to health tech, small animal science, early childhood education and cosmetology, it gives those students who would rather not go to college a chance to do something that they enjoy, or prepare those going to college through the expertise they gained while at JVS.

The school has been so formative to several past graduates, that they have returned as teachers in several of the programs, to continue the legacy that had begun before they had even gone to school there. For more than 40 years, it truly has been, and continues to be, a landmark of Jefferson County, and to not renew this levy, would be to not renew the hope we have that all high school students might have the chance to graduate from high school with the proper abilities they want to have to succeed in life.

Vote “yes” for Issue 13 for JVS.

Daniel Sammut