Here’s why Johnson deserves your vote

To the editor:

Living in the city of Steubenville for the last three years, I’ve noticed the elephant in the room. Steubenville is at a place in time where the legacy of those who work and who have worked in the steel mills, law enforcement, educational system, medical arena, neighborhoods and the religious community are in trouble. When you look at the sustainment of our city, it is majorly dependent upon a generation of people who are enjoying retirement. However, the elephant in the room is will our legacy proceed our existence? We must stop for a moment, to think about where Steubenville will be 20 years from now. The future of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be in our hands on Nov. 5.

It is a consensus that Steubenville must evolve to a place conducive to the advancement of everyone. It is no secret that Steubenville has its challenges. However, challenges are only opportunities to seize the moment. I am fully persuaded that Michael R. Johnson is our greatest opportunity to overcome today’s challenges which are threatening tomorrow’s promises. An individual’s history is often a great depiction of their character. The fact that Johnson authored several ordinances, including the Neighborhood Conservation, Criminal Activity, Drug Use Nuisance Abatement, Outdoor Storage, Rainy Day Fund and the Minimum Balance Ordinances, proves his commitment and loyalty to every citizen of Steubenville.

When Michael Johnson served as 2nd Ward city councilman, I personally had the privilege of walking through several neighborhoods of our city with him as he shared his vision for the advancement of neighborhoods. The fact that he is a certified public accountant and the director of corporate income tax audits for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue proves that he is more than competent enough to manage the evolution our city needs. Johnson is filled with the passion of improving every neighborhood and ending the economic crisis that leads many to drugs, prostitution and crime. He plans to end many of these threatening issues by raising the minimum household income. Michael Johnson is dedicated to giving prioritization to all rather than to just an elected few.

As I talked with Johnson, I discovered that his not growing up with a silver spoon, having to work for a living, and being held accountable is what has shaped him into being the best opportunity for Steubenville on Nov. 5. I heard him say, “Steubenville is not an Atlanta, Charlotte or Pittsburgh, but it is a place where anyone can win, and I’m dedicated to seeing that happen. We can help young people get on their feet by becoming responsible homeowners and entrepreneurs. We can save our parks and be proud of our schools.” These are the words of our greatest opportunity. Seize the moment.

Bishop Jermaine Moore



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