Hahn supports local projects

To the editor:

In looking back at the reasons for Kimberly Hahn’s election to City Council, I don’t think it was simply a familiar name that made her electable for her first term, and it will not be the case this election season. I think it was her vigor as both a campaigner and problem-solver, her earnest desire to be a servant to the Steubenville community, and her life as both a longtime resident of the city and friend to Franciscan University of Steubenville, which gave her the opportunity to represent and aid the people of the city.

Being a student at the university, it’s not news that there is a certain disconnect between the students and the rest of the people of the city. It’s perhaps necessary for us students on the hill to engage more in the life of Steubenville, to contribute more to this city — regardless of whether we are from out-of-town or are proud locals. In some respects, this is already happening, and definitely in no small part to her initiatives to bring collaboration on local renewal projects. She can provide prime opportunities for students to give back to the city hosting us and contribute to its renewal.

Regardless of any feelings of disconnect, we all live in the same city. We share the same parks, we partake in and enjoy the same festivities such as First Fridays, we support the same businesses, and many live in the same neighborhoods. Therefore, it’s a shared duty to lift up the city and take steps to improve everyone’s situation. I do believe that Hahn will continue to push for further cooperation on local projects like she already has, and work will get done, and I encourage you to vote for her on Nov. 5.

Alex Hankish



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