Hahn supports free speech

To the editor:

Our city needs leaders who listen and who are willing to work for all of us.

Kimberly Hahn stood up to other members of City Council who wanted to shut down free speech. During her term, legislation was introduced that required the citizens of Steubenville who wanted to speak at a council meeting to sign up a week in advance and to limit their comments to one topic. New topics that came up at a council meeting were off limits for comments or questions by the people. Her opponent for council at large voted for this resolution against free speech and created obstacles and hurdles for average citizens to speak their minds, bring new ideas or have concerns addressed by council. Hahn stood up for the people.

Unfortunately, this gag order is in place today to restrict our speech. We need to re-elect Hahn to send the message to city council that we, the people of Steubenville, will not be bullied into silence.

Kimberly believes that the people have a right to speak, and she is not afraid of listening to our concerns or complaints. If council won’t listen to us, how can they represent us?

A vote for Kimberly Hahn is a vote for free speech, representative government and fresh ideas.

Michael Hernon



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