Ferguson will fight for residents

To the editor:

Ron Ferguson has declared his intention of running for the Ohio House of Representatives for our district. I’ve known him for several years, and have always been impressed by his dedication to the local community.

He has supported efforts to allow taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. He was well-versed in all its applications and made sure the people in our area knew what the benefits would be, through his time working for Americans for Prosperity.

Locally, Ferguson also led the fight to stop the Steubenville income tax increase, so as to better allow local residents to reach their goals and dreams for their families.

He believes strongly that Columbus should pay its fair share when it comes to the state budget and believes in restoring local government money back to the community.

Finally, he worked hard to get an Americans for Prosperity office opened in the local community of Steubenville in order to help drive positive change in the community.

He is a man who stands by his community and isn’t afraid to fight for the people. I strongly urge people to learn more about Ron Ferguson as the best candidate for District 96 House of Representatives.

Darla Hoagland



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