Brilliant reunion a good experience

To the editor:

I, along with my brothers Jeff, Ted and Richard (Tim could not make it), attended the Brilliant awards ceremony event on Aug. 10. My brother, Jeff, and Barton Miller are still good friends, and when Jeff learned that his favorite uncle (Dennis Cook) was being inducted into the high school hall of fame, he insisted that he attend to receive the award for him and send it to Dennis’ daughter, Jennifer. Dennis, besides being a Blue Devil, played football for two years at Santa Monica Junior College and for an Army team when he was stationed in Germany.

But when Jeff learned he was being presented a medallion as a member of the 1972 track team and he got to ride in the parade, there was no stopping him. He not only rode in the parade, but so did his son and two nephews. We accepted the medallions awarded to our cousins, Harold and John Cook. If anyone knows their address, we would love to send them their medallions and share some nice memories.

For my part, I was apprehensive about attending, but I could not abandon my brothers in their hour of glory. I mean, it had been about 45 years since I was last in Brilliant.

Let me begin with the parade — it was great, just as I had remembered. It was nice to see so many women driving those big fire trucks, and we gathered a whole lot of candy, with one particular boy throwing out candy who was so happy and his smile so big you could not help but also smile and share in his happiness.

I also was able to talk with two of my teachers, Adam Goykovich, who received an award, and coach Monogioudis. I shared with Goykovich how I enjoyed his class and related many stories of his class to the enjoyment and delight of my students. Monogioudis and I talked about our baseball team and how we were denied a trip to the playoffs by a missed call by the umpires. Sometimes life lessons are learned through adversity. We kept our heads up and did not complain — well, not too much.

I also got to talk to my good old high school buddy, Mark Millard — ask him about our graduation rehearsal if you want a good story.

Todd Henry and I reminisced, as we shared the backfield on the 1971 Blue Devil football team. I wish we could have talked longer.

I met Mr. Wine, who did all of the art work. He was quite a character and a very good story teller. It also was a highlight to watch the parade with the beautiful Patton sisters and be talked into buying Blue Devil memorabilia from the beautiful Ross sisters.

All in all, it was a good experience, and my brothers and I would like to thank all of those who worked so hard to make it a memorable event.

Jim Cook

No. 42, Blue Devil

Football team

Athens, Ala.