What does it mean to be pro-life?

To the editor:

The party of pro-life? I think not.

On Tuesday, the news broke about the latest cruelty perpetrated by the occupant of the White House.

It’s no longer good enough to separate children from their parents and lock them in cages. No that wasn’t fun anymore for this evil man and his minions.

Now they are targeting children that are here legally being treated for serious medical issues that their countries of origin can’t do. Letters are being sent to about 1,000 families that are here on what are called deferred action papers (for medical reasons) that they have 33 days to leave the United States as the program is being done away with. Children who will die because the treatment they need does not exist where they are being sent back to. The vast majority of children are from the same countries as the children being locked up in cages and forced to sleep on cold concrete floors and drink from toilets.

Republicans say they are the pro-life party, but what they really mean is they are the party of pro-birth. If you call yourself pro-life but are OK with this latest action from this Republican administration I don’t think you understand the definition of pro-life. It’s not just forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term regardless of what the woman thinks is best for herself. Pro-life isn’t standing outside of a clinic threatening patients as they enter.

If Republican lawmakers are truly pro-life they would stop this latest atrocity coming from their president. They would stand up to this small-minded cruel man and demand these children stay to get the treatment they need. They would tell their president that this latest action is not only un-American but is needlessly cruel and heartless. Then those same Republicans would go home, tuck in their children and thank God that they have the best health care money can buy because daddy got lucky and won an election, then he would go back to work and get health care for all the children in this country, pass some bills to keep weapons of war off our streets and keep their noses out of women’s health care decisions. Now that would really be pro-life.

Patricia Dickey