Progressive coven attacks its own

To the editor:

The progressive coven (meaning to come together, to be of one mind, according to Webster’s Dictionary), where no individual thought is allowed, has decided to oppose the re-election of the three remaining lifelong Democratic congressmen who are pro-life. Any individual conscience or morality must be chastised, according to the group-thinking of the left-wing elite. Anyone insisting on obedience to divine or natural law, even in their own party, must be ostracized.

The secular progressive left has enthusiastically embraced the culture of death “presenting it as elements of progress in view of a new world order.” (Pope St. John Paul II; “Evangelium Vitae: 5.”) This progressive element is now working to divest itself of any who respect and obey the Ten Commandments. If supported, embryonic humanity’s right to life will continue to be abrogated, and those who defend that right will be subject to character assassination and cheap derision from the enemies of the lord of life, for when one’s philosophy is indefensible, one’s only option is an ad hominem attack.

The chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, has told the approximately 30 percent of Democrats who are pro-life that they are not welcome in the party; thus they have revealed an iniquitous ideology which is no more than “a collective barbarism in which both the individual and the freedom that alone can secure our humanity would lose their meaning.” (Thomas Merton; “The Inner Experience.”)

This coven denigrates and marginalizes all who believe in transcendent law, requiring that the innocent not be killed for the convenience of others, “For we are all his handiwork created in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians; 2:10.) Just as their socialist predecessors, they can succeed only by removing their belief in God from the public’s consideration. Therefore, they must denigrate all who believe that there is a creator who mandates that law and that it supersedes any law made by man, those who firmly believe, “If you love God, you will respect his creatures and respect all life because it comes from him.” (Thomas Merton; “A Secular Journal.”)

Ed Bednar