Kimberly Hahn the right choice

To the editor:

I am writing to voice my support for Kimberly Hahn’s re-election to the council at large position. I believe she is the best choice for our citizens, our city and our future. For the last four years, she has served all of the citizens to the best of her ability. She has worked with the other councilmen to come up with solutions to the issues facing the city. She treats people with respect and is open to listening to new and creative ideas to move the city forward.

Being the wife of a first responder, I believe that she is the best choice when it comes to public safety. She has voiced her appreciation for the job that our first responders do and has even reached out to their spouses and families to see if they had any issues that she could help with. I have seen Hahn at the Blue Masses that have been at St. Peter’s to honor the area’s fallen first responders and at the various other memorial services held by the public safety departments. Unlike her opponent, she has never pushed for the reduction in staffing of any of the public safety forces.

I feel that as the only female voice on council, Hahn always brings a different and refreshing view to the various debates that are held in council chambers. She does not berate other council members for having different opinions, and she will not let herself be bullied into silence.

I believe Kimberly Hahn has served our citizens well in her first term and will do just as well if re-elected. I encourage the citizens of Steubenville, my family and my friends to keep Kimberly Hahn as councilwoman at large for another term.

Dawn Capaldi