Johnson offers no solution

To the editor:

In his Sept. 15 guest column, “Border home of a real, humanitarian crisis,” U. S. Rep. Bill Johnson explains how “our border agents are providing humane and compassionate treatment across the board” but then goes on to tell about a couple who brought a rented 4-year-old into the country and how they will be charged with human trafficking. Bringing a child into the country is one of the few ways that poor people can have a slim chance of entering the country. Charging them with human trafficking does not seem to be a very good way to treat them humanely.

Johnson, R-Marietta, provides no solution to the problem other than a wall, which according to experts, will not be built, because of environmental and legal problems associated with government’s stealing of private property.

The problems along the border have not been caused by immigrants, but are the result of an ill-conceived U. S. government immigration policy that is more complicated than the tax code. Although there are many solutions to this inhumane policy, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats seem to have any interest in finding one.

Every economist who has looked into the immigration issue has concluded that immigrants have a positive impact on both the U. S. economy and its social fabric. It seems, though, that our president and the leaders of congress know less about immigration than they know about trade, which is next to nothing.

Joseph Zoric

Associate professor

of economics

Franciscan University

of Steubenville