Ferguson will listen to area residents

To the editor:

2020 will see change. 2020 will see me turn 18. 2020 will see me graduate high school. 2020 will even see me take out student loans. In the year of two 20s: I will vote.

A candidate for my Ohio House of Representatives district, Ron Ferguson, has caught my attention since I first met him earlier this year. He and I have met several times and were able to discuss our political beliefs. I entrust Ferguson to invest taxes back into my community instead of Columbus, increase manufacturing jobs in the valley, protect Ohio’s fossil fuel industry and to not be swayed by alligators in the swamp of Columbus.

Ron Ferguson has my vote because being a state representative to him means serving the people — not a political establishment. I believe in the adage, “the freer the market, the freer the people.” He shares this proverb as he is against House Bill 6, which had the government bail out nuclear companies. Ferguson will turn his back to lobbyists to look toward his community.

The primary for Ohio’s House of Representatives is March 17, making Ron Ferguson the first person I will vote for as I turn 18 in February. I shall cast my vote in confidence that Ferguson is going to create and support policies that reign in Columbus. When he is knee-deep in alligators, he will remember to listen to people like me in Belmont County, Monroe County and Jefferson County.

Tyler Patt