Fairness act needs support

To the editor:

I am writing to ask U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, and seven other congressmen from Ohio to co-sponsor the House of Representatives Social Security Fairness Bill (H.R. 141.)

Currently, there are six co-sponsors from Ohio and a total of 198 in Congress. We need 290 sponsors to get it out of the ways and means committee. This bill would do away with the WEP and GPO acts that hurt anyone who worked as a public employee and then worked in the private sector. Those acts stopped public employees from collecting both their public retirement funds and the Social Security funds that they had paid into.

Please, don’t write and tell me that is double-dipping. It is not. I put 30 years into my public retirement funds, retired and now have worked for 18 years paying into Social Security.

When Johnson leaves Congress, he will collect his full military benefits and full congressional benefits. It is hard to believe that people who worked for the government, retired and then worked for a private company cannot get both retirement benefits. I have waited until I was turning 70 to apply for Social Security, only to find out that even though I am entitled to receive $1,050, I will only receive $450 a month. What happens to the $600?

I wrote letters to all 16 congressman and women from Ohio. I only heard back from one who is a co-sponsor and got a form letter from Johnson. He stated that if it ever gets to the House floor, he would consider it.

What is there to consider?

Public servants from Ohio deserve better from their representatives. We need to be supported as we age and be able to receive all our money to help us live out the rest of our lives.

Betty Perkins