Time to set record straight

To the editor:

It’s time to declare August as “setting the record straight month” here on the Herald-Star’s letters page. Barry Bardone’s letter of Aug. 4 (“Progressives have nothing to offer”) states that members of the Jefferson County Progressive Democratic Coalition “complain and never advise how to improve America.” Really? Hold my beer.

Since May, coalition members have written letters on how to improve our country, including acceptance of the LGBTQ community, the importance of a free press, protecting our natural resources, the definition of true patriotism, religious freedom, supporting veterans, the importance of voting in local races, learning lessons from political history, loyalty to the Constitution and standing up for victims of sexual assault.

The writer usually falls back on right-wing talking points that he’s given in order to compose his letters. The same can be said for the Aug. 4 letter of Ed Bednar (“Hyde repeal would be troubling”), whose women-hating dictionary seems only to contain the word “coven,” which he continually relies on to describe the female members of the coalition. Falling back on the false premise that women (and their partners) choose abortion as a lifestyle choice shows he likely hasn’t had much contact with the opposite sex and also shows signs of addiction to the madonna-whore complex.

Let it be known that members of the JCPDC will not sit quietly and take this abuse in print or anywhere else. Our members have submitted letters to the editor of this newspaper every week since the inauguration of the 45th president and will continue to stand up for what we believe in, and our voice will be heard. I must thank Bednar and Bardone, however. Fellas, your submissions have worked to promote our organization and have gained us more mentions on this letters page than any other local political group. So, hold on to your MAGA hats because we’ve only just begun.

Marjie DeFede